Pre-Made Rings


Custom Rings


All of the rings in the shop above were handmade by Maxwell! With the exception of the big bead rings and the twisted rings, he can remake any of the rings above in pretty much any US ring size up to size 15. He can also make you a new ring of a bead and/or wire pattern of your choosing! Pricing, available bead and wire choices, and details on how to request an order below.

Ring Types

Plain Macrame Wire Ring - $10

Plain macrame wire rings are made from 5 strands of colored copper wire. You can pick the same color for all five or pick 5 different colors. The holding wire, which is subtly visible between the knots, can only be a select colors which are shown in the drop down on the form. Available wire colors are pictured in the form but are also pictured below.

If you are ordering a pre-made ring to be remade, please have the url for the ring at the ready when filling out the form.