Weekly Update 08

Not much is new. I still need to make the Q2 new merch post but that will go up after this one.

Merch - I have determined that I will only be able to make 3 of the holographic bowties and the listing has been updated to reflect that. Worked on some other merch with Indrid that will be up by the end of the month. We are also now giving the Monster Boba Prints as freebies on orders over $5 with orders over $20 getting the whole set. However sticker orders that use the free shipping coupon will not receive the print freebies.

Website - When I went to make this blog post, I found that the fundraising thermometers on the Bimonthly Donations page were just plastered with ads from the widget provider so I got those changed to a new thing that won't do that and can actually reflect the actual amount we have earned from sales for donations. The old one wouldn't show cents.

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