Weekly Update 07

It has been over a month since I've done one of these, a lot has happened.

Dandy Con 2020 - First off, this weekend is Dandy Con and we were accepted to their Makers Market! We have a coupon code for 30% off your entire order going until midnight EST: DANDYCON2020. We also debuted a new item that is $5 off this weekend. That is my Holographic Bowties! They are currently pre-order with an estimated ship date of mid July. If that changes, I will make it known, either here or twitter, probably both.

IsekaiCon 2020 - We were also accepted to IsekaiCon 2020! Very much looking forward to that one July 17th-18th, I've been in the discord server for that con since we were accepted and it's been amazing to see it come along! If you'd like to join that server, here's an invite link! There's going to be chats with several of the exhibitors, including us! I'll be sharing more about IsekaiCon as it gets closer.

Our Day Jobs - We are now both back to working our day jobs and now both full time. It is a good thing but we now both have less time to work on stuff for Nightrose Studios. We'll work on things as we can and I will continue to process orders to my established schedule when we get orders.

Etsy - We have officially shut our Etsy shop down and are now solely using our webstore, which is also connected to both Facebook and Instagram. It's possible we might return to Etsy at some point but it's unlikely that will happen in 2020.

Merch - In addition to my bowties, we've also added Pride Flag ACAB mini buttons and 3 new dice bag patterns! Also a merch related thing, I will be getting the Q2 New Merch post up some time this week. I don't anticipate either off us will make anything new before the 1st of July, so what I've posted about since March is what will be in that post.

Donations - We are still planning on donating what we can when we can on our twice monthly donation days, as mentioned in our last post. We did donate a little bit on the 15th of June, but as of me writing this, it does not look like we will have anything to donate on July 1st as we have not gotten any orders.

Website - I have added a new shipping profile for Canada and updated the shipping costs for International shipping to elsewhere. All orders over $50 get free shipping and if you order just stickers, you can use code STICKERSHIP at checkout for free, untrackable, shipping.

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