Weekly Update 04

Was going to post this yesterday but as it was the 1st of a new month, I kinda got caught up catching all the new bugs and fish in Animal Crossing, whoops...

Merch - Nothing new new but I did add some more bags to the Halloween Dice Bags listings so we've got 3 of those now. Same deal with the Starry dice bags, when those are gone, they're gone. I did also finish a dice bag with a different fabric pattern but I'm going to hold off listing it until I finish all the other dice bags since I'll be putting up 3 new listings for them. As for other things, Indrid and I may have some print ideas for do print to order prints with our new photo printer and I'm planning on posting some sketches of some other merch ideas I have on the Instagram sometime soon so keep an eye on that. Also we have a new button machine now in a smaller size! Don't have any designs yet but hopefully we should have some before the end of the year.

Social Media - We've finally been approved for Instagram Shopping so I'll be starting to post pictures of items with the items tagged. I won't do it too much with our current merch but I'll definitely be doing it for new merch as we get it up. I also have started an ad campaign (through Wix) on Facebook and Instagram.

Website - Finally sat down and fixed the mobile site up since the analytics said about 50% of our traffic was on mobile. Could probably still use some work but it's definitely improved from before.

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