Weekly Update 02

I'm only two posts into doing this and I've already messed up the schedule for it... At least there is one this week!

Le Spirit's Virtual Artist Alley - Next weekend, April 24th-26th, we, along with 109 other artists, will be participating in Le Spirit Designs' virtual artist alley! We'll have a special associated discount code that you'll have to visit the artist alley to find!

Social Media - We now have a Tumblr blog! Spent the later half of the week queuing posts about our merch and fighting Tumblr to do so. I've been away from that platform for over a year and I'm here to report that it has not improved since I left. I also overestimated post engagement, we've gotten 2, maybe 3, notes on all of our posts since I posted them. I'll still post to the Tumblr but as I said last week, Twitter is the best place to find the most up to date information.

Merch - I have FINALLY gotten all of my rings listed on the store! I still need to make the rings commission page but that is a project for future Maxwell. Other than that, no new merch has been listed but there will be something new this coming week. I've posted about it on the Instagram and Facebook and my own art Twitter if you want to see what it is... Also, you'll probably hear this from me a lot, we have some excellent new merch ideas that we hope to have ready by Pride in August. Very excited!

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