Weekly Update 01

Thinking about trying to do weekly updates on here if there's actually something to update about. Might have one the next few Fridays but after that they'll probably be more spread out. Anyway, on with the updates:

Day Jobs - Yesterday the Governor of our state of Michigan extended the stay at home order until the 30th of April, so Indrid and I will continue to be out of work past the initial return date of April 14th I mentioned in the What We've Been Up To post from the end of March.

Ardacon - Popular cosplay wig store, Arda Wigs, has hopped upon the online convention train with their very own Ardacon! I signed us up for their free Artist Alley and we're up there with a ton of other artists! Check it out!

Etsy - I have turned off autorenewal for all of our Etsy listings and they should all be gone by the beginning of August. I've said before on our Twitter that all of our merch, excluding the large 11" x 17" prints, will be on our webstore and other than an amount of my rings, all of our merch is on the webstore! There's a chance we'll use the Etsy again in the future, but right now we just can't afford the listing fees when no one is buying most of our stuff.

Social Media - Last week I spent several hours scheduling tweets about our listings to our Twitter account, this week I spent several hours scheduling posts to our Instagram account and Facebook page, and next week I might spend several hours scheduling posts to a Tumblr account that I also need to setup between now and then. The Twitter will still be the most active in general posting and updating but the Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr will be there as additional channels for promoting our stuff.

Webstore - I have, officially, figured out the shipping for US orders. We have 2 available shipping options: Standard and Express. Standard starts at $4 and goes up from there based on weight. Check out our Store FAQ for more information on shipping! International shipping is $10. As for merch, I have begun listing my rings and will be working on a page dedicated to buying rings I've already made and ordering custom rings. That should hopefully be up by next week's update.

Mascot - Indrid and I have been discussing making a mascot for Nightrose Studios for a few months now and I took a crack at designing one based on our discussions a few nights ago. Still waiting on feedback from them but I know I have some things I want to change if we go with what I came up with. I will reveal the creature once we've settled on something!

Secret Project - Last but not least, I am announcing that we are working on a secret project. I'm not going to give any more details because it's possible it will fall through but I'm hopeful it'll happen. We have been discussing it every so often for a year and a few months now so it's likely to happen. I'll keep y'all updated.

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