Post Move Update

It has been quite a while since I've been able to sit down and write an update for Nightrose Studios. I was already having a hard time keeping up with doing the weekly updates but in August, Indrid and I began discussing moving out of our respective parents' homes and into an apartment together. Things happened and we ended up having to move sooner than we originally intended so most of our time and energy was focused on that. But we are now moved into our apartment and have been for a month and we have many creative ideas brewing now that we are in a more accepting and understanding environment. Not sure if we'll have any new merch up this year since we're still getting used to this being our life now but we'll be working on it when we can.

Now for some specific updates, first off regarding our endeavor to donate a portion of our sales. It has come to our attention that we should contact the organizations we were planning on donating to to see if it's alright that we associate their names with our business. We unfortunately do not have the mental resources to handle that right now but we do plan on discussing it and deciding on a smaller list to reach out to, likely looking for more local organizations to donate to. Until we get this figured out, the only merch which will have money donated will be the Messy Pride Flag ACAB buttons and any other ACAB buttons we make, as promised in our Black Lives Matter post. The sales of these will be tracked on our Bimonthly Donations page which will be updated with an upcoming donation day and organizations list when we have it.

Next order of business is our new shipping schedule. Since we now live in an apartment with no safe place to leave packages for pickup while we are at our full time jobs during the day and have no access to a car, we will only be shipping orders out on Saturday mornings. The specifics on that can be found in our Store FAQ, along with a new added section about international shipping.

Now for talk about social media and YouTube. I have given Indrid the login for the Nightrose Studios twitter account and they will soon begin taking over management of it and handling twitter engagement. As for the tumblr, facebook, and instagram accounts, I am unsure how active those will be. Neither of us really want anything to do with tumblr, and I don't have the energy to keep up with updating the facebook and instagram, especially when we don't have anything new to show. The Nightrose Studios YouTube account however will soon begin having activity as I will be using it as a sort of VOD channel for my Twitch streams. We may have other content on there eventually that has more to do specifically with Nightrose Studios, but we have yet to discuss it.

Now we come to an update on a section of our website that has been there since before we were Nightrose Studios, the Virtual Garage Sale. I had been intending on getting stuff up in August to pad our move, but as stated above, that went quicker than I expected and used up most of my free time. Now that we are settled, we are working on getting it all set up. A coworker of mine who sells on ebay let me know that it isn't as cost risky to sell there as I had initially thought so we will be selling some of our garage sale stuff there. The garage sale cycle will be as follows:

  • item/lot posted to Nightrose Studios twitter for 2 weeks as price negotiable paid through paypal

  • half way through that, the item/lot will be added to the Garage Sale shop on here with a set price that's still negotiable if contacted before it's purchased

  • after a month on this website, it will be posted to ebay and hidden on our site.

Some smaller updates and things, some of which have been mentioned on the twitter account:

  • All craft store orders over $5 will receive a randomly selected mini print from Indrid's Monster Boba Mini Print Set and an additional print for every additional $5 up to $20, so $5 = 1 print, $10 = 2 prints, $15 = 3 prints, $20 = 4 prints.

  • We will be having our Annual Winter Holiday Sale, details to come.

  • He's a link to our Sanctuary Housing GoFundMe, we're all moved but the expedited move came with additional and somewhat unexpected expenses that we're having a hard time covering with just our paychecks.

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