New Merch - Summer 2020

Another quarter has come to an end and here is a review of all the new items we put up during that quarter!

First off we have the Pride Flag Dangle Earrings I made back in April. You can get a single earring or get a pair with either the same flag for both or two different ones! Like with a lot of our Pride merch, if your flag isn't there, feel free to send us a message about it, either on here or on any of our social medias and we'll see what we can do about including it!

From the beginning of June we have my Pride Flag ACAB mini buttons, our first set of buttons using our new smaller button machine and the first thing we used our new printer to print! 100% of the proceeds for these forever will be donated. For more details on that, check out our Black Live Matter blog post.

I also finished my first set of dice bags that I started back in November of 2019. We now have three each of the Orange & Black Halloween and Spiderweb ones and one available of the Skeletal one!

Our newest item are these Holographic Bowties we debuted for Dandy Con 2020! There will only be 3 available and they are still on pre-order since I am waiting on some nice labels for the inside of the neck bands.

That is all for this quarter! Hope to have a lot more to share at the end of September!

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