New Merch - Spring 2020

The aforementioned new merch post! This is only going to be items that are not currently on our Etsy and not everything I listed on the store over the past few days. That would make this post a loooooot longer as there were less than 10 before I started and there are now 54. This post also does not include the rings I made for Almacon since I'm still figuring out how I want to deal with listing 47 rings on our store. Anywho.. Below are the new items we have as of the end of March 2020!

First off we have the current collection of Pride Clown Stickers designed by our lovely Indrid! They are printed in house on vinyl sticker paper and cut by hand by myself and Indrid. We had Lesbian, Bi, Pan, Trans, and an old version of Gay up on Etsy as individual listings but decided to put them all into one listing this time.

Printed on the same vinyl sticker paper as the clowns, we have some Pride Flag Rose Stickers designed by myself! Designed these during the winter as a way of procrastinating working on an art obligation I had been working on at the time... Also same as the clowns, these buds have been cut by hand.

Next we have these fun Emoji Buttons you can use to tell the boomer, capitalist, racist, and/or terf in your life how you really feel about their "opinions". Designed by Indrid and printed in house. Made to order while supplies last!

In this slide we have a set of 6 useful buttons for telling catcallers to f*ck off! Also designed by our wonderful Indrid, also printed in house, also made to order while supplies last. Tell those b*stards you aren't their baby, doll, honey, princess, and sweet heart, and that your smile is a threat display.

Another slide with some lovely community lesbian buttons designed by our resident lesbian, Indrid! Proudly and loudly tell the world that you are a butch lesbian, a femme lesbian, or a lesbian lesbian with these great buttons! Same as above, printed in house and made to order while supplies last.

Now for something that didn't arrive until after when we planned on having it! This glorious mini print is 4" x 5" and was a collab between Indrid and their gf Ripley Ricochet (@gigagush on twitter, y'all should seriously commission him, he's super cool!) Let earthlings know there's nothing to fear except your rear. You can also snag this design as a shirt, hoodie, or tank top on Teespring!

Last, but certainly not least, we have another mini print designed by Indrid. This beautiful 4" x 6" print depicts a gorgeous retro pumpkin babe pin-up. This print, along with Mothbutt above, were printed out of house on heavy cardstock.

This concludes this month's? Quarter's? Quarters. This concludes this quarter's new merch post! I'll be back with another of these with hopefully more goodies at the end of June! Take care!

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