Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

Happy New Year everyone! 2020 is finally over and 2021 is here. Indrid and I have a lot of plans for this year! I won't get into everything in this post since even I don't know the details but I will mention some stuff relevant to this month as well as some broader things.

Sales and Promotions

Sale schedule as of right now:

  • January 1st-15th - End of Winter Holiday Sale - Free shipping on US orders

  • November 15th, 2021-January 15th, 2022 - 2021 Winter Holiday Sale - Details TBD

  • December 5th-11th - Third Anniversary Sale - Details TBD

As it has just become 2021 and we just have a lot going on in our personal lives, we have not had a chance to determine what other sales we'll run throughout the year. We do plan on signing up for more virtual artist alleys and conventions this year that we will run sales/promotions for but we don't have anything lined up for that right now.

Current promotions and coupon codes you can find:

  • Using code STICKERSHIP on the webstore will get you free, untracked shipping on sticker only orders.

  • All orders of $5 or more, and for every $5 additional up to $20, will get 1 to 4 of Indrid's Monster Boba Mini Prints. Shipping and taxes are not counted in determining free print eligibility, but discounts are. Prints will be randomly selected and will not be doubled for orders over $10.

  • All orders on either the webstore or Etsy receive a coupon for the webstore.

  • There are a number of targeted/automated coupons for the Etsy: post purchase, abandoned cart, and recently favorited. You must have coupons and promotions turned on in your email settings on Etsy to receive these.

Etsy and Shipping

We have decided to keep the Etsy open for the foreseeable future. All of our listings on there are set to manual relisting so stuff that doesn't sell will not be relisted until next winter.

One reason we are keeping the Etsy open is because we would like to offer International shipping, but cannot afford to do so through our webstore with the new VAT laws coming into effect. The Etsy will still ship to the US but the webstore will only offer shipping to US and Canada.

We currently have free shipping guarantee on US orders for Etsy and plan to keep that turned on past the 15th, but we cannot afford to keep the listings priced as they are now. After the 15th, we will be raising the price of our items on Etsy by $3 to offset the cost of shipping out of pocket since many of our orders are for single items. Because of this $3 price increase, we will be lowering the shipping cost for Canada and International by $3.

You may be wondering why we don't do the same on the webstore and have free shipping here as well. The way I have shipping setup on here is weight based in a way I can manage better than on Etsy so that the cost of shipping for multiple item orders is fair. I'll be transparent in saying that offering free shipping on Etsy makes it so that people see our stuff in the marketplace, but you will pay more for shipping on Etsy if you order more than one item vs making the same order on the webstore, even if you aren't seeing the shipping listed in the receipt on Etsy.

Merch Update and New Merch Plans

Along with saying goodbye to 2020, we have also said goodbye to my fandom necklaces. A part of our inventory that we've had since before we were even Green-Squared. Last weekend I spent some time disassembling them since they weren't selling and were taking up too much space in our apartment. The necklace section is but a ghost town now...

Our other old fandom merch is still up however, but with lower quantities than before. Very soon we will be putting up two new listings on both the webstore and the Etsy featuring this older merch. One will be a gacha listing where you can pay a small fee to get a randomly selected item, and the other will be fan merch mystery bags. I'll go into more detail about these in the next merch update post.

As for actual new merch, we will be trying to get one or two new things up every one to two months depending on complexity and amount of free time we have. We both have some ideas for new stuff but those are secret, for now.

Social Media

Since my streaming plans have all been postponed until this summer at the earliest, I will be making a renewed effort to manage the various social media accounts for Nightrose Studios, including the new TikTok account I made, perhaps foolishly, yesterday.

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