Black Lives Matter

We at Nightrose Studios LLC believe that Black lives matter and want to do what we can to support the Black Lives Matter movement and Black people in the LGBTQ community. For the foreseeable future, we will be donating a percentage of our sales twice monthly to a number of organizations and funds listed in a Google doc linked below. Specifics of this deal are also below.

Please consider donating directly to these and other places and also please support Black creatives. This is the link to the list we'll be cycling through. And here are some links for some Black Lives Matter carrds with links to other places to donate, petitions to sign, and safe protesting tips as well as some links to twitter threads of talented Black creatives you should support:

Now for the specifics of what we are doing. On the 1st and 15th of every month I will calculate how much we can donate from our sales based on the rules below. If we have at least $5 each for the two lists in the Google doc linked above, I will pick 2 to 4 places (1 to 2 per list) and split the donations between them. If we do not hit that $5 minimum, I will put that money towards the next donation day. It is quite possible this will happen as we do not currently make many sales and majority of our merch is less than $10. Even if we don't donate through Nightrose, both Indrid and I are donating what we can from our limited income, we just wanted to try to use our small platform to do what we could. For accountability, there is a table at the top of the linked Google doc where I will track donations we make and, if we don't meet the minimum, how much is going towards the next donation day. I will also be sharing this information on our Twitter.

Here is the break down for how I'll determine how much we donate:

  • 100% of the proceeds for any ACAB or Antifascist merch will be donated for as long as Nightrose Studios exists

  • 60% of the proceeds for Indrid and Ripley's Mothbutt Mini Print will be donated with Ripley's permission as that was his collaboration cut

  • 40% of all other sales will be donated

  • Proceeds from Pride merch will be donated organizations and funds under the "From Pride Merch Sales" header in the Google doc, as well as 50% of the proceeds for any Pride ACAB/Antifascist merch

  • All other proceeds will be donated to organizations and funds from the other list

Note that shipping costs and Michigan sales tax will not be included in our calculations.

If you have any questions or would like to suggest other places to add to our donations lists please comment on this post, message us on our Twitter, or fill out the contact form on our About page. Thank you for reading and keep fighting against racial injustices all over the world. Stay safe out there!

Edit: Here's the page where I'll be tracking the donation amounts leading up to the donation days.

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