Anniversary Sale, New Merch, and Etsy Reopening

It is December 6th which means our Second Anniversary Sale has begun! From now until 11:59 PM EST Saturday, December 12th, most of our our items are 30% off! Also any order placed this week will receive an exclusive sticker designed by me for this anniversary!

In addition to the sale, we have added some new items to our store:

On request from my butch lesbian roommate/Indrid's partner, Ripley, I have added the Butch Lesbian flag as a variation to a few of my pride listings!

The first in what I plan to be several designs of screeching corvid pronoun buttons! These cool 1.25" buttons feature a raven who will yell your pronouns to the world! Don't use these pronouns or use some variation of them? We offer an option to have this raven scream whatever pronouns you want!

Webstore | Etsy

Finally we have the finished version of the bow ties I first talked about back in June! These mesmerizing holographic bow ties are in limited supply! We only have 3 and when they're gone, they're gone for good!

Webstore | Etsy

We have also reopened our Etsy for a limited time! We have only relisted our original merch there and all the listings are set for manual renewal. When the listings expire, they will not be renewed until next December. Additionally, we will not be listing any new merch we make between now and next December on the Etsy until next December.

Last news until probably the New Year, I will be hosting a special Jackbox stream on my Twitch channel on Friday, December 11th for Nightrose Studios' birthday!

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